Ambulance Membership Program

AMBULANCEArvada Fire Protection District offers residents within the district a program to help cover the cost of Arvada Fire paramedic emergency transportation to the hospital. If you or a relative have a high risk of illness or falls, consider signing up for this program.

This program is an annual membership that will help you cover the cost of emergency transport services for the year. Enrollment in the program for the year 2023 is now available!

Our Ambulance Membership Program:

  • Is open to residents of the Arvada Fire Protection District
  • Helps cover the cost of emergency ambulance transport services not covered by insurance
  • Can save you and your family hundreds of dollars each year
  • Primary health insurance is required
  • Costs $50 for an annual membership and $25 for each additional family member in the same household

If you are at high risk for illness or falls and your insurance doesn't cover transport services fully, you might be a good candidate for this membership. To learn more, you are welcome to call 303-424-3012.

View Ambulance Membership Program Terms of Agreement (PDF).