Dave's Locker

Dave's Locker is a free community medical equipment service that loans out crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, shower stools, grab bars, canes, knee scooters, bathroom aids, and much more to anyone in need. 

Dave's Locker is located through the South door at Arvada Fire's Headquarters, 7903 Allison Way.

Hours: 10-2 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 1st and 3rd Saturdays.

Dave's Locker was founded in 2017 by now-retired Lieutenant Dave Matus, who started the non-profit by donating his own medical equipment following hip surgery. What began with just a few pieces of equipment has turned into a robust (and growing) supply of crutches, wheelchairs, and other free medical devices.

You can pre-order supplies or request equipment on Dave's Lockers website and then come in during business hours to pick up your supplies.


7903 Allison Way
Arvada, CO 80005

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in helping, please call 720-624-6486 or email Dave's Locker.

You can download our brochure (PDF) to share information about Dave's Locker.