Community Risk Reduction

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The Community Risk Reduction Division, through collaborative partnerships internal to both our division and the department; and externally with the community, will apply the principles of the Five-E's to reduce threats by fire and traumatic injuries to the lives and property of those that reside, work and visit our district.

The Five-Es will be applied using the following approaches:

  • Our Community Risk Reduction section will develop programs and methods to educate people to empower them with knowledge and skills to reduce their risk of threat from fire and injury.
  • Our Code Compliance/Investigation Section will use and apply engineering methodology and practices to ensure that developments, buildings, and life-safety systems are designed and installed to meet the prescriptive requirements of model codes and standards; or meet performance design criteria to achieve a level of protection that is a least equal to those prescribed in model codes and standards. This section will also use ENGINEERING and scientific methods to investigate fires in an effort to identify causal factors and develop countermeasures to prevent future occurrences.
  • Our Code Compliance/Investigation section will enforce applicable codes and standards in a collaborative manner to ensure that a reasonable level of fire protection and life safety is maintained in our District. The enforcement approach will first seek, when possible, voluntary compliance. Increased levels of severity in acquiring compliance will be reserved for those occurrences where voluntary compliance could not otherwise be gained. This section will also investigate intentionally set fires to identify who is responsible for causing the fire and support our law enforcement partner's pursuit of due process.
  • The Division will encourage the use of economic incentives to increase levels of fire safety and encourage code compliance.Fire is Everyones Fight
  • The Division will partner with the Operations Division to support emergency response and assist the department's first responders in providing mitigation of fire and medical emergencies.


A division that applies the Five-E's of risk reduction in a balanced manner to increase the level of safety from fire and traumatic injuries for the firefighters, residents, business owners, and visitors of the AFPD.