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Station 1 protects the southeast section of the City of Arvada, a portion of the City of Wheat Ridge that lies north of Clear Creek, and unincorporated Jefferson County. This station is one of Arvada Fire's most historic stations and it has had many additions over the years.

The site for Station 1 was purchased by Arvada Fire in 1951 and the truck bay was built in 1952. A clubroom was added in 1955, then torn down and replaced in 1964 with a 2 story garden level building. The hose tower and an extension to the truck bay were constructed in 1967, and the large parking area was added to the station site in 1969. Finally, in 1999, a renovation to the garden level of the building was made so that the station could house career firefighters. Today, Engine 51 and Medic 51 are housed here. A kitchen, clubroom, sleeping quarters, and fitness area are provided for the firefighters who staff Station 1.

Station 1 takes great pride in protecting the oldest part of Arvada, including Historic Olde Town. Additionally, Station 1 protects two freight railroad lines, the Gold Line light rail, and the I-70 and I-76 interchange. There are light industrial and many residential areas in southeast Arvada and north Wheat Ridge. Crews from Station 1 respond to more calls than any other station in the District. Common call types include structure fires, fire alarms, motor vehicle accidents, emergency medical responses, and citizen assists. Engine 51 also conducts pre-incident plans throughout the year. Crews have developed a great relationship with citizens and businesses to accomplish the absolute best in Community Risk Reduction.

Engine 51 is a 2012 Pierce Saber and can be seen every day in the Olde Town area running calls and taking care of other fire department business. The design of this advanced life support engine allows crews to go to work quickly on scene. 750 gallons of water are stored in Engine 51's tank and the Waterous single-stage pump can deliver 1500 gallons of water a minute when connected to a hydrant. Engine 51 is also equipped with an integrated system that allows foam to be used on fires, reducing the amount of water used and the damage caused to property.

Medic 51 is a 2015 Ford F450 Advanced Life Support ambulance. Medic 51 responds to medical and traumatic injury emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, and citizen assist calls. Personnel staffing Medic 51 also train and serve as firefighters and perform many other vital functions for Arvada Fire.