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Station 2

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Station 2 protects the southwest portion of Arvada and the northwest portion of Wheat Ridge. This encompasses a diverse area of commercial and manufacturing buildings, hotels, single-family and multifamily residences, waterways, railroads, and the I-70 corridor.

Station 2 was formerly situated about a mile west of its current location. The old station was dedicated in 1958 and intended for what was at the time an all-volunteer fire department. After 53 years of service, Station 2 moved to its new location in October 2011. This state-of-the-art firehouse is far larger than the old quarters and can accommodate the needs of a modern department. Station 2 serves as home to 18 career firefighters and one special fire dog, Molly. The station has eight bedrooms, a weight room, kitchen, truck bays, in-house training props, firefighter offices, and a clubroom. Station 2 also features in-floor geothermal heating.

Rescue 52 is a 2015 Pierce Velocity with a 380-gallon water tank and a PUC (Pierce Ultimate Configuration) 1500 gallon-per-minute single-stage pump. At 42’7” in length and 10’10” tall, and 72,000lbs Rescue 52 is powered by a Cummins ISX12 500 horsepower motor. One of the busiest companies in the District, this Rescue Company averages over 1,850 calls per year. Rescue 52 is equipped for fire suppression activities, heavy rescue operations as well as advanced life support responses to medical emergencies. Fire suppression equipment including 500’ of supply hose, 1300’ of attack hose, multiple master stream capabilities including a deck gun, in addition to a full ladder bed complement. Heavy rescue equipment includes two full sets of extrication equipment (Edraulic and power unit pump), heavy lifting/stabilizing struts, high and low pressure airbags, concrete breaching tools, torches, saws, and more. Due to the high volume of vehicle accidents on I-70 and the ever-changing emergency responses the district responds to, Rescue 52 personnel are a highly experienced group of professionals ready to handle any type of fire, accident, or technical rescue call throughout the district. 

Due to the large number of water areas in Arvada and Wheat Ridge, the District must have a water/ice rescue team trained and ready to respond. The personnel of Station 2 have all attended classes to acquire and maintain swift water and ice rescue certifications and practice these techniques regularly. Along with crews at Station 5 and Station 8, the water rescue team is ready to serve the community in any water rescue situation at all times. Rescue 52 pulls a 21’ double axle trailer that is equipped with a raft, flotation devices, tools, rope, and depending on the season, swift water or ice rescue suits. The trailer also holds an 8 wheel ARGO amphibious vehicle. The ARGO can carry firefighters, equipment, and patients down bike paths, into lakes, and along rivers to areas that Rescue52 is too large to access.

Medic 52 is a 2019 Ford F450/MedTec Advanced Life Support ambulance powered by a 6.7L V8 engine. Medic 52 responds to 3,000 medical and traumatic injury emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, and citizen assist calls per year.  Personnel staffing Medic 52 also train and serve as firefighters and perform many other vital functions for the Arvada Fire.