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Station 6

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Station 6 is located at 6503 Simms Street, protecting much of the central portion of the Arvada Fire Protection District. Dedicated in 1975, Station 6 has since undergone multiple renovations and has served the District in a number of capacities. The most recent renovation, completed in the fall of 2013, greatly increased the size of the living quarters at Station 6.

Today, Station 6 is home to Tower 56, Medic 56, Battalion 51, and Battalion 52. Over 25 career firefighters, responding to all types of emergency calls and conducting non-emergency activities, call Station 6 home. Many vital fire district responsibilities are assigned to the members of Station 6. General equipment purchasing and the district's Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) program are maintained by members of the company.

Station 6 is now a 2-story structure with 13 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a fitness room, day room, kitchen, three firefighter offices, bunker gear storage room, SCBA workshop, and the District's only two fire poles. Built into the new portion of the station are training props that allow firefighters to perform many drills that would have previously required a trip to the Training Center.

Tower 56 is a 2009 Pierce Quantum aerial apparatus. Members of the company planned and designed this apparatus over a two-year period. With seating for six firefighters, Tower 56 is equipped with a 95' aerial ladder, 2000 GPM (gallons per minute) fire pump, and a 300-gallon capacity water tank. Carried on board Tower 56 is a hydraulic generator and full complement of hydraulic spreaders and cutters to perform extrication on motor vehicle accidents. Also carried are power saws and various forcible entry tools.

Medic 56 is a 2015 Ford F450/MedTec Advanced Life Support ambulance powered by a 6.2L V8 engine. Medic 56 responds to medical and traumatic injury emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, and citizen assist calls. This ambulance made its historic first hospital transport on March 1, 2013. Personnel staffing Medic 56 also train and serve as firefighters and perform many other vital functions for Arvada Fire.