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Station 7 opened in November of 2008. It replaced the original station located at 84th Avenue and Garrison St. It is one of the newest fire stations in Arvada, serving and protecting the growing number of citizens in the northwest Arvada area. Twelve firefighters on three shifts staff Engine 57 and Brush 57, which is used for vegetation fires and is also deployed to wildland fires throughout the country.

A reserve Ambulance (Medic 57) and the Arvada Police Mobile Command Post are also stored and maintained at Station 7. We also house one of the district's three commercial-grade extractors that are used to clean the firefighter's gear after every fire and twice a year for a preventive cleaning. This is an important step in our firefighter cancer prevention program and something that we take great pride in.

Engine 57 is a 2006 Pierce Contender pumper with a 750-gallon water and a 1500 GPM pump. Engine 57 is the station's front line apparatus and is used for all fire, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), and rescue calls in our area. Brush 57 is a 2008 Unruh placed on a Ford F-550 chassis and responds to all grass and wildland fires in our area. B-57 is also used to gain access along the railroad tracks and other areas that require four-wheel drive.

As with the other fire companies within Arvada Fire, Station 7's crews stay busy with station chores, pre-fire plans of area commercial buildings, daily training, community risk reduction events, and emergency responses. Station 7 also has firefighters available to assist you with car seat installs, smoke and CO detector installs, and are always available to answer your questions. You are always welcome to visit our station for a tour and demonstration of our equipment. We are proud and honored to serve the citizens of Arvada.